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Being a car nut and having the opportunity to work on AUDI Super Bowl campaigns is nothing short of awesomeness!  I primarily Coordinated and Assistant Art Directed for Production Designer Jeffrey Beecroft and for Decorator's Karen O'Hara and Rosemary Brandenburg.  SUPER THANKFUL for all I have learned from each of them AND their crews!  

Below are a few great ad campaigns I’ve had the privilege of working on:

Ace, Acura, AdCouncil, Aflac, Allstate, Ameritrade, Arby’s, Aricept, At&t, AUDI, Axa, Axe, Blue Cross, Bridgestone, BudLight, Buick, CapitalOne, Chevy, Chili’s, Chrysler, Citizen’s Bank, Country Hearth, Cox Communications, Creditland, Dave & Buster’s, DHL, Diet Pepsi, DirecTV, Doritos, DSW, Dunkin Donuts, Duracell, Essentials, Experian, Ford, FusionOne, Gatorade, Geico, GM, GMC, Goodlife, Hefty, Honda, Hyundai, ING Direct, Intuit, Jaguar, Jeep, Kleenex, Kyocera, Lexus, Longhorn, Lowe’s, Maple Story, Marshall Fields, MASERATI, Mazda, McDonald’s, MERCEDES, MGD, Microsoft, Milk, Milkybars, Miller, Miller Lite, Molson, Movies On Demand, MSDW, Musco Olives, MySAP, Navy, New Amsterdam Vodka, Newport, NIKE, Novell, Office Depot, Pace, Pennzoil, Pepsi, Pillsbury, Planet Fitness, Playstation, PNC Bank, Progressive, Reese’s, Rexona, Saturn, Sears, Spar, T-Mobile, Toyota, Union 76, Verizon, VICTORIA’S SECRET, Visa, VW, Wal-Mart, Wendy’s, Whirlpool, Xarelto & Yahoo-ooo!

A few things I enjoy doing as an Art Director:

I enjoy supporting and following through with the visual concepts specified by the Production Designer and the Director.  I enjoy working with film construction crews: the Construction Coordinator, Foreman, Painters, Plasters, Greens people, Sign Painters, Metal Shop workers, Staff Shop workers, Mechanical Effects builders, and Grips. I acquire common and unusual materials for projects and research period and contemporary design elements. Coming from a Coordinating background, I assist with the scheduling and the tracking of art budgets (purchase orders, petty cash, and payroll). I liaison between the Art Department and the Production team. I also liaison between the Production Designer and the Art team: the Decorator, Set Designers, Illustrators, Graphic Artists, Model Makers, Location Managers, Prop Masters, Special Effects Coordinators, Picture Vehicle Coordinators, and various Printing vendors.

Every project is unique and I just love that!

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